About Us

Indigo Bananas is a Los Angeles based handmade indie nail polish brand, founded, run and manufactured by Andrea, a trained biologist (Princeton, UCLA) with a background in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and chemistry - which means she has a love for the science side of nail polish manufacture (nitrocellulose films, pigment interactions & dispersions, and anything that creates a new special visual effect) as well as other aspects of cosmetic chemistry (lotions, shampoos, hair colorant systems are pretty interesting!).  If you find yourself reading rambling posts or descriptions with much nerdery* in them, this is why (Andrea apologizes, and also apologizes for speaking in the third person).  (*nerdery is totally a word, right?)

The name Indigo Bananas has a few meanings - such as the fact that ripe bananas glow indigo under UV light, so they are the most royal of all the fruits. The name also sounds like 'indie go bananas' - so feel free to go bananas for indie nail polish, since you are not alone and there are a bunch of us who also find indie nail polish appeeling.  Our motto is 'Go Bananas for Indies!"

Indigo Bananas officially opened its doors on Feb 1, 2013, on Etsy.   The full catalogue of Indigo Bananas products can be found at www.indigobananas.com (conveniently, you are here already!) as well as limited items in the Etsy shop, and various distributors around the world.


You can find interviews and more official media about Indigo Bananas at the IB blog.

You can find feedback from previous Indigo Bananas customers at the Etsy shop.